<p>Professional Development Institute</p>

Clients and employees perceive your brand as they experience it. Success depends on how you manage that experience.

CX is customer experience. EX is employee experience. BX is brand experience. RX is revenue experience. GOOD NEWS: you don’t have to pick only one. In fact, it is better if you don’t. Then you never have to remember whose experience you’re looking after in any given moment. Each one benefits from your work in all the others.

HX is human experience. HX refers to the combined experience of all those you work with and how they are served by your brand, whether they are employees, customers, users, or the community. The error organizations make is to treat the resources for HX as non-renewable. Experiential resources: generosity, serving a grander purpose, passion for excellence, kindness, creativity, authenticity, a sense of humor...these are not only renewable. They are inexhaustible. They create more of themselves faithfully, every time.


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