Specialized Workshop on Musicians’ Wellness II (4392)

Pain, discomfort, and injuries are common among musicians, and the need for specialized training and treatment is on the rise. These courses are taught by health professionals who have special experience in treating musicians. They will provide practical and theoretical knowledge to help musicians prevent and overcome pain.

These workshops are designed to equip musicians with knowledge and tools to improve their physical well-being in relation to their instrument. They introduce musicians to anatomy, mechanisms of injury, and strategies for prevention and treatment of injury through the Alexander Technique, chiropractic care, the Feldenkrais Method, and physiotherapy. The content is applicable to a wide variety of musicians and instrumental groups.

The overaching learning theme for this course is pain and injury prevention for musicians and topics include:

  • The Musician Body and Repetitive Strain Injuries for Musicians (September 21, 9am-4pm) 
  • Posture and Spine Pain (November 2, 9am-4pm)  
  • Understanding Postural Reflex and Feldenkrais Method for Musicians  (November 23, 9am-4pm)  

This course is given on the University of Ottawa campus at 50 University, Perex (PRZ) Hall,  Room 109. 

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  • The Musician Body and Repetitive Strain Injuries for Musicians

  • Posture and Spine Pain

  • Understanding Postural Reflex and Feldenkrais Method for Musicians

  • Any musician interested in learning more about anatomy, injury prevention, and strategies to improve musculoskeletal health related to music making.

Brigitte and Francis Caron, Certified Alexander Technique Teachers

Dapne Mercado, Physiotherapist (Venezuela)

Dr. Geoff Outerbridge, Chiropractor

Jillian Beacon, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Patricia Palmer, Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapist

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