Writing for Promotional Communications

Learn how professional copywriters use strategies and words to win over their readers. Discover proven tools and techniques that will improve your writing's persuasive power. Fulfill your potential as a copywriter. Whether you're creating advertisements… brochures… sales letters… press releases… or web content… this comprehensive course will teach you how to write dynamic, compelling copy that produces results.

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  • Auditoire
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  • Developing an effective communications strategy

  • Positioning your product or service

  • Developing a unique selling proposition

  • Distinguishing benefits from features

  • Unearthing creative benefits

  • Applying the AIDA principle to persuade your readers (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)

  • Composing attention-grabbing headlines

  • Following — or breaking! — the 12 rules of promotional writing

  • Writing promotional copy for your website

  • Understanding the 8 steps to writing effective brochures

  • Promotional communications specialists who want to polish their copywriting skills
  • Managers, writers, and public relations specialists who need to get their messages across quickly and convincingly to internal or external audiences
  • Anyone who edits the copywriting of others and wants guidelines to assess writing quality

Bernard Gauthier, PhD’s background includes 35 years of communication work with clients, including the Government of Canada, national associations and private sector organizations. He has also trained hundreds of clients in different aspects of communication.

Bernard researched and developed numerous strategic communication plans working with one of Canada’s top PR agencies, allowing him to develop the CARE Model, which became the basis for his 2018 book Strategic Communication in Canada.

Bernard has taught at Carleton University and the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Conestoga College.

“It is helpful to understand the trends for “rule-breaking” for successful promotional copy.”

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